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Relaxation Massage


·  Lowered levels of pain

·  Increased range of motion

·  Ability to think more clearly

·  Increased circulation

·  Lowered levels of toxins

·  Released lymphatic flow

·  Simply feel bette

Before your session, we recommend that you drink half your body weight in water (1 oz. of water per lb. of body weight). Do this in proportion to the time of day you’re coming to session. Prepare yourself mentally for a session that will help your body heal to increase the quality of your life.

How You’ll Feel:

You’ll experience increased mobility in your joints and an ability to relax. After multiple sessions, you’ll likely find less need for pain relief medication You may feel light headed or dizzy for 5 – 20 minutes due to increased circulation.

Any deep work performed on the neck, chest, shoulders, cranial, jaw, or occipital lobe can leave you with a headache for 4 – 6 hours. This only happens in approximately 3% of cases, but we want you to know of this possibility in advance. We take careful precautions to try to prevent this from occurring. Soreness or discomfort lasting 12 – 24 hours in the areas worked, followed by a maintained feeling of rejuvenation for between 3 – 7 days on average.

Get the Most from Your Treatment:

To get the most out of your service, drink lots of water before and after your session. Eat homecooked, healthy meals, rather than box meals or fast foods. We encourage an active lifestyle—move regularly and stretch your body as you work with it through this healing process.