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Medical Massage

If you are tense and need to relax due to stress, anxiety, or major life changes, this service is for you. The constant pressure applied for the length of the muscles causes your body to fall into a deep relaxation that ignites self-healing and restoration, reversing the daily stresses that break it down.

Health Benefits:

  1. Better circulation
  2. Deeper rest during the night
  3. A healthier body due to release of toxins
  4. Decreased level of stress and anxiety
  5. Increased blood flow to the brain
  6. Clearer thinking
  7. Restored overall mental attitude

Therapy Description:

The service is not designed to relieve pain but to create relaxation throughout the body. During a session, you are covered from head to toe, both front and back, in order to release stored muscle tension and relax the body, mind, and emotions. We open up the hands and the feet, which helps restore circulation and strength into the body.

Before Your Session:

Before your session, you will want to drink an adequate amount of water. Take time to mentally prepare. Clear your mind so that you are able to focus on relaxation while in your session. Your time on the table is meant to let go of solving the world’s problems, especially your own. Interestingly, we find that once clients truly relax they find themselves able to be more creative and more engaged in problem-solving procedures.

How You’ll Feel:

You will feel very relaxed and restful. Some people find it hard to get going with the rest of the day after a session like this because your body has been brought to a level of rest so you can heal and be restored.

Get the Most from Your Treatment:

This service is a great way to enter into the bodywork world, as learning to relax is very important. Relaxation Bodywork compliments the benefits of the Hocatt or PEMF services. You might also explore combining bodywork with facial services, chemical pills, and body waxing.

Don’t forget to drink a lot of water and have a healthy diet that consists of not eating out of a box as well as stretching and moving daily.