Pregnancy Bodywork 

Sessions: 60 minutes

Whether you’re in your first, second, or third trimesters (prenatal),  Pregnancy Bodywork is an entrancing time of rest and relaxation.

If you have recently delivered (postnatal), this session will help restore the pelvic floor, as well as increase range of motion to get you moving like you want to and need to in order to care for your new child and yourself.

Health Benefits:

  1. Increased likelihood of going full-term with a smoother delivery
  2. Less pain while in pregnancy
  3. Released pelvic wall and thoracic cavity
  4. Increased circulation to the feet and decreased pain
  5. Increasing health for you and your baby
  6. Lower levels of toxins and metabolic waste
  7. Heightened/improved attitude and mental fortitude
  8. Improved overall hope and enjoyment of this wonderful experience

Therapy Description:

During your session, you will make yourself comfortable on a warm, cushioned table. We will work around whatever position makes you rest more comfortably as we do anatomy-based bodywork realigning, restructuring, and relaxing your body. You may choose to fully disrobe and will remain fully covered during your session, or you can wear a yoga top and bottoms. Our goal is to ensure your comfort so you receive the most beneficial session possible.   

Before Your Session:

Drink a good amount of water to maintain hydration in the 24 hours before your session. When you arrive, make sure to use the restroom so you can enjoy your full 60 minutes of bodywork. Dress comfortable (bringing your yoga wear, if that is your chosen attire during your session). Take time to mentally prepare for your body to relax and be restored. We realize your body is changing and working to nurture new life, so know you will be welcomed just as you are.

How You’ll Feel:

After your Pregnancy Bodywork session, you will feel an enhanced sense of relaxation. Your range of motion will have pleasantly increased, and you will likely experience lower levels of pain and discomfort. You may notice some soreness between 8 – 12 hours after you leave your session, but after that you will find the muscle memory in the tissue will last between 5 – 12 days.

Get the Most from Your Treatment:

In order to get the most out of your treatment, you will need to drink lots of water, eat healthy, natural foods (not boxed or fast food), get plenty of sleep, do stretches, and involve yourself in active movement such as yoga, working out, and walking, as permitted by your doctor.