Sessions: 60 minutes for full sessions

If you’re experiencing any of the following, our Esthetician can give your professional advice:

  • You have skin that has been affected by the sun’s rays, environmental chemicals, and age spots due to just simply being alive
  • Your makeup can no longer cover the blemishes that bother you day in and day out
  • Your skin is flaky, dry, only or even wrinkled
  • You are not sure what to buy for your skin and put on your skin as far as a daily skin regimen

Health Benefits:

Properly hydrating your skin and caring for it on a daily basis will help avoid aging beyond your years. You’ll help the very thing that helps protect you. Since the skin is the largest organ in the body it is very important that you care for it.  With skin care services, you’ll:

  1. Healthier-looking skin
  2. A more radiant glow
  3. Increased skin hydration
  4. Restoration, renewal, and revival

Through proper care and maintenance, you can look younger than you really are and be more proud and confident because of how clean and clear your skin can be.

Therapy Description:

We turn a steamer on your face in order to open the pores. As this is occurring, we begin to cleanse the skin on your face and neck.

After evaluating the condition of your skin, we apply the first cleanser and scrub it deep into the pores with a sponge and then rinse your face with a hot towel.

We Cleanse your skin again with a deeper cleanser, removing any remaining types of debris from the pores of the skin, then remove debris with facial sponges and a hot towel. Next, we begin to exfoliate the skin with either an organic sugar scrub or diamond tip Microderm abrasion so that dead skin cells are removed from the skin.

 After this, we balance the pH of the skin and tone it. Then, we apply the necessary products depending on the type of facial that you have booked, which will include a mask that fits the needs of your service.

This hydrates the skin, then afterward we condition the skin and apply a serum which leaves the skin feeling restored, renewed, and revived.

Before Your Session:

Be sure to arrive 5 – 10 minutes early in order to fill out the paperwork for your service.

Drinking plenty of water before you come, making sure to use the bathroom before your service. This will help you lay in a relaxed position while you enjoy your services. Come with little to no makeup on, making sure to avoid long periods of time in the sun to avoid a sunburn before coming for your facial.

How You’ll Feel:

Hours after your session, you will feel and look like your skin is glowing. Your skin will be soft and fully hydrated, as it should be. The change in your skin will feel shockingly different to you for 2 – 3 days, depending on what kind of personal products you’re using at home.

 Overall, your facial should feel really good for 7 – 14 days afterward.

Treatment Combinations:

Most clients combine facials with a relaxation bodywork massage. Facials are most beneficial when they are combined with chemical peels so that as you’re removing injured skin cells, you’re also renewing new ones.

We also recommend that facials be combined with PEMF Therapy. This helps the cellular regeneration take place on a much deeper level and leaves you feeling clean from the inside out.