Dry/Glide Cupping

This type of body work addresses issues occurring when tissue, muscles, or fascia have been insulted or injured. The body attempts to heal itself quickly by bringing layers of collagen and fibroblast to the site. But since it is in a state of emergency due to the trauma, surgery, or injury, the repairing may be in disorganized layers of tissue without good circulation. Many people in need of this type of service have lost significant amounts of range of motion and are in pain 50% of the time. Quality of life has decreased to the point that many people are on pain medication and do very little exercise.

  • Lamine Damage/ Fascia Connective Tissue Adhesions/Tissue Pain
  • Stationary Trigger Point Cupping/Tissue Congestion Release
  • Cellulite Tissue Remodeling
  • Scar Cupping
  • Joint Rejuvenation

Health Benefits:

This type of session lowers body pain in an amazing way. Tissue pain can be reduced and movement restored up to 3 inches below the surface tissue. The body goes into detoxification which helps it become healthier and work more efficiently. Muscle memory is restored quicker, helping you feel better longer. The recovery time for healing is increased due to a high amount of blood supply and oxygen brought to the tissue. Joint movement can benefit from this because of its ability to pull inflammation out of joints.

How You’ll Feel

Most patients are sore for 48 to 78 hours, the soreness feeling more like you have worked out in the gym but at a much deeper level. In 50% of the sessions performed, cupping marks are left on the body. These marks are not bruises. The negative pressure from the suction cup pulled waste out of the tissue so that the skin can eliminate that waste.

Get the Most from Your Session:

This service is most often used in combination with medical and therapeutic bodywork.