Hocatt Therapy  – Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy


The patient sits with just their head exposed to the air, while their body receives the benefits of:

  1. Ozone Therapy
  2. Photon Light Therapy
  3. Infrared Light Ray Therapy 
  4. Carbonic Acid Therapy
  5. Frequency Specific Microcurrent Electrotherapy 
  6. Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy 
  7. Transdermal Therapy
  8. Hyperthermic Therapy
  9. Oxygen Rich Nasal Therapy 
  10. Ultrasonic Cavitation Therapy

The steam sauna heats to a comfortable temperature, then carbon dioxide gas is introduced into the sauna where it mixes with the water droplets of steam and become a new compound called Carbonic Acid. This gently blankets the skin causing the hemoglobin to throw off all its Oxygen so that during the stage of the session your outer tissue is starving for Oxygen but you are safe because you are breathing in rich Oxygen. When the Carbonic Acid shuts off the Ozone turns on and your tissue becomes a sponge that results in a tissue saturation of 200% increase in Oygenated Ozone with is more than an Hyperberic Chamber!

As steam gently fills the sauna, the photon infrared light penetrates the skin to help increase blood flow and circulation. Photon breaks painful inflammatory cycles by dilating small blood and lymphatic vessels. This increase in circulation can result in accelerated healing and pain relief.

Since the patient’s head remains outside the ozone steam cabinet, they receive an additional boost by inhaling pure oxygen throughout the 30-minute session. This is delivered via two small tubes inserted into the nasal passages. This breath of “fresh air” helps to boost the immune system, reduce stress, boost energy and even fight off cancer.

The health benefits of a session in the Hocatt ozone steam sauna are extensive and help relieve many chronic health problems:

  1. Increases core body temperature
  2. Increases blood oxygen level and metabolism (anti-aging)
  3. Increases blood circulation
  4. Combats and disposes of pathogens and toxins (detox)
  5. Relaxes muscle tension
  6. Naturally stimulates anti-oxidant enzyme production
  7. Increases energy levels
  8. Improves absorption of nutrients
  9. Increases Serotonin levels (relaxing)
  10. Burns up to 600 calories per session
  11. Activates skin tissue to improve skin tone


PEMF Therapy – Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy 


PEMF technology has been around for a long time and was acknowledged back in the 70’s for it’s unusual healing properties on race horses who had suffered bone brakes or fractures. When these animals were treated with PEMF technology they noticed the cellular tissue in the bone began to heal rapidly and was stronger than in it’s original state. Rather than these animals being put down, they went on to have amazing careers.
PEMF is a long electronic wave band (microwaves are short wave bands) that if stretched out would be several miles long. When this wave band interacts with cellular tissue that is damaged then it stabilizes and restores the cell structure and functionality.
Examples of Damaged Cellular Tissue:
  • Broken, Fractured, Splintered Bones
  • Disk that are Bulged, Herniated or Compressed
  • Nerves that are inflamed or have adhesion’s on them
  • General or Systemic Inflammation
  • Bacterial or Viral Infections
  • Visceral Organ Tissue Malfunction
  • Joint Pain & Loss of Mobility
  • Muscular Tissue that is tight, taunt or tense
When these long waves come in contact with cells that are not healthy (damaged) then PEMF recharges them so they can function in a healthy manner and be restored in order for the body to perform like it was designed to.
Epigenics Cell Well Testing

During this 60 minute test and consultation session, four of your hair follicles are removed, scanned and sent to our partner lab in Germany. Results are returned within about 15 minutes.We will review the test results and formulate a plan to increase the quality of your life over the next 90 days.

The S-Drive testing scanner at ReVive Life Spa detects epigenetic signals influencing gene expression such as changes to diet, nutrition and lifestyle can be adopted to optimally support your physiology and performance.

A 34 page report presents recommendations for food restrictions, food intake increases, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and overall nutrition intake. The follicle will also reveal any radiation, mold, spores, parasites, fungus and frequency interference that might be hindering your body’s ability to heal properly.

You will have the option to meet with our health and wellness coach or follow the recommendations on your own. The purpose of this test is to inform you as to what is happening inside your body. It is your personal choice on how you apply this information.