Abbie (DeVawn) Turner

Hi Everyone!

My name is DeVawn Turner, but I go by Abbie. My dad wanted me named after his mother, but my mom refused to have Winifred as my name. So, though my name became DeVawn, she began to call me Abbie for her middle name. I have lived in Abilene since 2000 and graduated from Abilene High in 2004.

I have always been drawn to face and makeup. My mom was always upset because I could get dressed in 10 minutes, but my face took up to an hour, just to make sure it looked great.

Areas of Specialty:

I specialize in the beautification of the skin, aka Skin Care, Waxing, and Makeup. I have done it all my life, but I received my certification in April of 2018.

The Moment I Knew:

I have played with makeup for as long as I can remember and knew I would work in the beauty field somehow. But while in school, as we started working on the public and I saw the results of my work, and the relationships I developed with people, that’s when I realized I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing.

Outside Interests: 

Being a mom is my #1, along with spending time with my kids and family. I love planning get togethers for us and my friends, BBQ, trips, and parties.  I love being social.