My name is Brian Lee Holamon – husband, father of four daughters, grandfather, spa owner and expert in the field of medically based therapeutic bodywork. I not only love doing bodywork, but I also enjoy being outdoors with my family, up in the mountains as well as flying and when I am not doing these things I invest my time in research and personal growth in the field of health, wellness and overall life.

In regards to bodywork, I have a passion for working with the human body. This began when I was a child spending much time with my uncle who was a chiropractor. I would ask question after question. Rather than avoiding me, he took the time to explain the human body to me. When I became a teenager, my uncle taught me hands-on techniques which I “practiced” for the benefit of family and friends. The feeling of knowing that I had added quality to someone’s life by helping them feel better was a joy to me, and I dreamed of becoming a chiropractor like my uncle. But life and life choices took me in a different direction.

In regards to care for people, I have a deep love and concearn for others. I love to leave others better than I found them and this includes the levels of spirit, soul, and body. Years ago when I first become ordained in the ministry I spent most of my time caring for and bringing healing to the lives of others. This has been a common theme for most of my life and now that I am a little older I see that the phrase, hindsight is 20/2o is very accurate for my life. I now understand that I have a unique gifting in my life for healing, restoring and renewing the lives of others. This gifting along with my talent and passion for the human body is what causes me to be so effective as a therapist.

In regards to life choices. Do you remember me talking about life choices earlier? Well, most of my life I swore that I would not get an education and that I would work with my hands. This is the main reason I did not go to chiropractic school. I spent years of my life avoiding education while living in fear due to the learning challenges of dyslexia and dysgraphia. I created my own landscape contracting and property maintenance company and built it from the ground up. Eighteen years, 16 employees, 7 trucks later and 300 plus accounts later I found myself longing for a career change. I constantly dreamed of doing bodywork and helping people not hurt but instead of that, I took care of their properties.

Although it took much courage, I finally decided to do something with the day I had, I decided to stop complaining about my today’s and do something today that would change my tomorrow’s! I made a personal choice to not be enslaved to fear any longer so while still running my company I enrolled in a school for medically based massage therapy. After years of long drives, night classes, weekend classes, and endless hours of study of anatomy, I graduated and became licensed.

And here I am today living my dream as one of the best medical massage therapists you will ever have! I opened ReVive Life Spa which is a combination of medical and spa. Our vision is to restore, renew and revive everybody, one body at a time. We work with doctors, chiropractors, physical therapist, occupational therapist, massage therapist, surgeons, plastic surgeons and dentist doing specialty work on their patients. We have an extremely high client personal referral rate due to the results we produce day in and day out. We excel at uncovering soft tissue imbalances and putting people back together so that they can have their lives back together.

If you were to ask me what I love the most about my job? I say that that I love using my gifted created abiltiy for healing to increase the of quality of life in others.

Here’s to your health!


Brian Lee Holamon – LMT,EBT